DIY Instagram Magnets & Coasters

I finally got around to doing this DIY that I pinned from Pinterest. I have never enjoyed a craft so much. They make great gifts. I made them for friends and family this past Christmas and they were a big hit.

This is the link to the DIY Instagram Magnets. I applied the same tutorial to make 4×4 coasters for my husband. He loved them!

If you are interested in making these yourself here are some tips that you won’t find in the DIY tutorial that I’ll share with you:

My Tips:

-Sized all my photos in Photoshop (turn on View -> Grid) to make 2×2 photos and 4×4. (Tiles were a couple millimeters shorter around edges so be prepared to trim photos.)

-I was able to get all of my materials from Home Depot but the pictures were printed at UPS.

-Instead of Mod Podge I used Elmer’s Glue, (because I already had some at home) but I added a few drops of water to thin it out. I made mine the consistency of a creamy shampoo.

-Instead of waiting for the glue to dry I used a hair dryer to speed up the process. But if you do this you will have to keep the paintbrush you used for the glue on hand to keep smoothing out the glue. It kept collecting in droplets so I had to keep smoothing out the glue as it was being dried.

-When all the tiles were dry, I coated them with an Acrylic Matte Waterproof Sealant (also available at Home Depot). This was mainly for the coasters because they needed to be waterproof. But I sprayed the fridge magnets as well just to give them an extra strong seal.

-I am extremely impatient when it comes to crafts and did not let some things dry long enough after spraying them with the Acyclic Sealant. Some got stuck to each other and got ruined. I was able to salvage some of them. Patience is a virtue!

-For the coasters, I hot glued fuzzy pads to the bottom to keep the tile from scratching the table. (Also available at Home Depot).


So far this has been my favorite DIY project. Stay tuned for more fun crafts!




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