The Creative Artist Type

One of my closest friends, Leanna, shared an article with me a while back called “20 Things Only Highly Creative People Would Understand”. She had reposted it with a caption that in short said, “This is you!” I remember reading it and thinking, “Wow, someone gets me!”

I didn’t realize how different I was until my teenage years. I didn’t realize that my creative drive was as inseparable from me as a limb to the body. I’ve always seen the world through art and music with a high need to observe, express, and create either through visual arts or through songwriting and music. I was singing and playing the piano at 3 years old, writing songs at 5. I was the kid who was always drawing in class, sometimes getting in trouble for it, and always asked by classmates to be the artist in group projects. My study notes for exams were composed of colored pictures and typography that would help me visually photograph the information. I often wrote songs in the middle of class when the lecture bored me. Art and music has always just been a part of me, since before I could remember.

I believe God gifts us with different abilities, mental capacities, perspectives, personalities to make the world a richer place. It is good to have artists to challenge things, to create beauty, but a world full of artists would not be a good place. It is important to have the analytical thinkers as well. It is a huge blessing that I am NOT married to another artist… we would be miserable!

My husband and I are extremely different, but I am so grateful for that. He is there to balance me out. To keep me from losing it. To make me laugh. To break up the seriousness. To keep things lighthearted and fun. And I’d like to think that I balance him out with my personality too–challenging him to see from a different perspective.

This article really captures the essence of what it is to be a creative type. It’s not always pretty. It’s not glamourous. Sometimes it’s frustrating when you’re misunderstood or mislabeled. And quite frankly, I understand how being in a relationship with an artist can be downright exhausting… (Thanks for putting up with me, babe!) I feel deeply, and sometimes I resent that. I wish I could turn that off sometimes.

The numbers 6, 7, 9, 10 in this article really ring true for me: Needing time to feed the soul, needing space to create, feeling deeply, living on the edge of joy and depression.

Good and bad, I’m thankful that God gave me art and music. I believe artists reflect one portion of God’s infinite character. Afterall, God is the ultimate Creator. Everything that has been made comes from Him. Really think about it… nature that is full of Fibonacci sequences and Golden Ratios, carefully constructed habitats and animals that miraculously seem to depend on each other… it boggles my mind how people think that all happened by chance! Ugh! This is the result of a God who is an ARTIST!! My heart breaks that people are missing out on knowing God personally in this way. Do they really not see how it is more illogical to believe that everything came from nothing?

One of the most meaningful ways God has revealed Himself to me as an artist is through studying the evidence for Creationism. Learning that the evidence for Creation far outweighs the “evidence” for Evolution. And yes, I know that being a Creationist is wildly unpopular and uncool. People think that it’s right up there with believing the world is flat. People think Evolution has been proven and that Creationism is just part of blind religion. They are soooo wrong. After doing my research, I will NEVER doubt again. It isn’t a blind loyalty to my religion that makes me a passionate Creationist. It isn’t a fear of believing something other than the Bible and fearing that I won’t be a “good Christian” if I don’t believe in Creationism. I have watched 18 hours worth of the Creation argument and crossed over for life. I fell in love with God even more deeply as a result, and felt His love in my life in a whole new way. Yes, I have lost a lot of credit with friends and family who are staunch Evolutionists… but I care more about what I know in my relationship with God. What God has taught me through Kent Hovind’s Creation Seminars has changed my life and I’m forever grateful. (Kent Hovind – Creation Seminar).

All I hope is that I seek less to glorify myself and more to glorify God. It’s not about me and I want everything I do to point people towards Him. It is the least I can do. I truly long for people to discover Him. I long for people to seek and find God through Jesus Christ and to know that He is real. I hope I can do that through the gifts He has given me.






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