Fearless – Sermon by Francis Chan

The other night I woke up from a dream where I was on a platform thousands of feet above the earth. I wouldn’t say I have a crippling fear of heights, because I’ve zip-lined and rock climbed, and I am able to work through fear, but it woke me up and I was fixated on the idea of being at great heights. I thought about skydiving and if I could ever do something like that. I’ve always said I wanted to, but when I really thought about it, I thought, “How can I skydive if even the littlest of things in my daily life works me into a sweat?” I thought about if facing my fears, like skydiving for one, would actually be a therapeutic thing for me in my life. I realize that fear has held a large place in my life and that is not right as a Christian. Even though it’s normal, God commands us not to fear.

That day I decided to look up Francis Chan sermons and see if I could find anything that really speaks to where I am in my life. I found this sermon and just immediately felt so comforted. Not only is Francis Chan hilarious, but he is so gifted as a pastor to be able to speak right to where people are.

What stuck out to me the most is the verse in Psalm 23 about God preparing a table for us in the presence of or enemies. The story of King Saul, who was trying to kill David, unknowingly going into a cave where David was hiding really resonated with me. David could have killed Saul but David cut off a piece of his robe to prove to Saul that David only desired peace. God literally delivered Saul into the hands of David. That speaks of how concerned God is with every detail of His children’s lives. It reminded me that God does see what I’m going through, and He is going to take care of me, just like He took care of David.

If you are a believer that is going through the valley, or is having a difficult time with something in your life, I encourage you to listen to this sermon.



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