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My husband was gone for five days on a business trip and I passed a lot of the time reading. I finished the book pictured above “Left to Tell” and had to write a short post about how it touched me.

Reading Imaculèe’s terrifying story really put my life into perspective. It showed me how trivial my problems are in comparison to those who endure such awful things.

But what really moved me was this… *spoiler alert*

Imaculèe hid in a microscopic bathroom with 7 other girls to avoid being hunted and killed by Hutu extremists. For 91 days. They had to be silent, could barely eat, and were stripped of the common luxuries that we take for granted like bathing and personal care.

Finally, Imaculèe comes face to face with the man who brutally murdered her dearest brother. The brother she adored was cut into pieces by a machete. When a soldier brings her to the man who killed her brother and tells her to do whatever she wants to him, she simply tells him, “I forgive you.”

Her decision to trust God through every moment of the horror we now call the Rwandan genocide was inspiring. It wasn’t just positive thinking, it was a belief in a Sovereign God. She was so in tune with Him that she knew better than to blame God for human suffering. She saw evil for what it was… that men are enticed by the devil to do evil. But God still loves them and wants to forgive all mankind, no matter their sins. She understood this.

And it really challenged me to forgive. In fact, for a brief moment, it made forgiveness almost effortless. I said to myself, “Okay, what that person did to me is forgiven if this woman could forgive the slaughter of her family and friends.”

The challenge will be maintaining this perspective. I find that I need to confront myself with books, videos, and the like to challenge me to be grateful. To not dwell on the past. To not dwell on the things that make me unhappy. Reading this book truly helped me find contentedness and made me want to be that close to God.

I will continue to look for books that challenge me spiritually and inspire me to be who God created me to be.

Feel free to send your recommendations!
C o v e r e d I n S c a r l e t


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