Adventures in Love

We had quite the wonderful anniversary adventure in Paso Robles.

With the ever demanding lifestyle of running a business 12 hours a day, 7 days a week it was time for a nice vacation to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. My husband kept where we were going a secret until we started driving up the coast.

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when I heard we were going to Paso Robles! All I thought there was to do was wine tasting but it turned out to be the most romantic adventures of my life with my best friend!

Amazing meals, meeting strangers who invited us to their Ranch party for country style dancing, running into old friends of Jason’s and spending Independence Day with them, seeing Pismo Beach, and getting to hold a little bunny while my heart melted from its fluffiness!

I had some of the best meals of my life at Buona Tavola, Cass Vineyards, Thomas Hill Organics, and Taste in San Luis Obispo. So much of the food at the wineries was local and organic and high quality. I was in Heavennnn!

The second day there we met these strangers at the Dark Star winery who invited us to their Ranch party. We said we would try to make it. On the way out the sommelier asked us if we wanted to throw axes. “Chyeeeeeah!” I said incredulously.

So I threw some axes and got some funny video of me sicking two into the board in a row. After the first one I gave a very David Blaine stare into the camera. I found the throwing axes to be very therapeutic for some of the anger I’ve held inside haha.

So we had our dinner at the Bellasera that night and decided to take an Uber to this party not knowing what to expect showing up at 10:00. Our Uber driver was named Robin and we had a hard time finding the Ranch in the middle of no- I mean, Templeton. We joked about how she should wait for us until she knew we were safe.

We got to the party and there was a big dance floor with stringed lights and a live band doing covers of Johnny Cash and Lynyrd Skynrd. As I danced with my husband I felt like we had had just landed in a scene from a movie where the lovers discover magical and serendipitous experiences together. At one point we did a circle of women inside a circle of men circling opposite ways and when the music stopped we had to dance with who was across from us. I danced with an older gent named Colby wearing western garb and then a younger man named Damien in Med school. They asked us who we knew to be invited here and we told them the story. Everyone was so nice and I had so much fun dancing with these kind people.

For July 4th we toured some more vineyards with Jasons friends that we had run into the day before. We decided to all go to Cayucos to watch the Fireworks on the beach. We ate at Duckie’s and headed over to the Saloon and had some drinks while we listened to a great cover band called Soundhouse.

The fireworks were more beautiful than I ever remember fireworks being. I felt so grateful to be alive. So grateful to be in love. So grateful to God that I get to live this beautiful life and have all these amazing experiences.

We finished our trip passing through San Luis Obispo and stopping to eat at Taste which was amazing! We then headed to Pismo Beach and stopped to get out at a lookout point. I could have stared at that coast for hours. Something about the giant rocks scattered off the shore was so fascinating. I’m so used to seeing the same coastline from Ventura to Santa Barbara all the time and it was nice to see more parts of the coast that were different.

After exploring the Pismo Beach Farmers Market and getting bunny ears put on me by a local bunny ear artisan, we concluded that we could make a whole travel diary on just California and all the beach towns alone.

There were so many things to explore and we explored them. The entire trip felt like a chain of magical events and people that totally turned my expectations around. It was one of the best trips of my life because of who I got to spend it with.

Our marriage hasn’t been easy and it hasn’t always been fun. We’re just like any other couple. But knowing that God brought us together and that we put Him above everything in our lives is the most assuring feeling a marriage can possibly have.

Jason Matthew, you are my best friend. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for my life with you. It feels like an epic movie, or a great romance, one that is not common.

I love you with all my heart. Here’s to a lifetime of love with you!
C o v e r e d I n S c a r l e t


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