Another Texas Trip


We have not been home a full three hours and I’m already writing about our trip to Texas to visit my husband’s family. Let’s just say I’m already missing Texas and it’s hard not to feel a little sad we couldn’t have stayed longer.

This trip to Texas was amazing, just like all the other ones. I always enjoy being around my husband’s family so much and I especially enjoy seeing how much my stepson loves his family and Texas too. I lost count of how many times he said he wanted to stay longer and how sad he was that the trip went by so fast.

It was truly a blessing to see the love that gets poured into that little one by every single member of the family.

There were so many highlights on this trip… from my stepson catching his first ever fish, to him being obsessed with his baby cousin, to relaxing and playing in the salt water pool, to laughing our butts off and playing card games… there’s never a dull moment with The Herringtons. I am so thankful to be a part of this fun-loving and awesome family.

This time around all my husband and I could talk about was how much we want to move to Texas to be near his family. It would be nice if we could start our family there. But God will have us in California for quite a while longer…

Though it’s a little sad for me that our trip went by so fast and is over, I look forward to the next time we go out. ❤




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