Is Your Direct Selling Company Overly Crowded?


Have you ever had this happen? You’re scrolling in a Facebook mom group, when suddenly an unsuspecting mother makes a post about needing to know where she can find some essential oils and BAM. A dozen other mothers whip out their link before you get a chance to?

Or maybe someone posts about needing good skincare and as your mouth starts salivating to type a comment as fast as you possibly can, more comments flood the innocent woman’s post and—sigh, your heart drops when you see that she agreed to go with your already popular skincare company… but through someone else.

I see it happening and I can’t help but think that it has to be an extremely frustrating place to be. If you’re already aware of the beauty of network marketing then you know that social selling is an amazing business model. But one of the biggest problems is how quickly some companies grow and fill the market. Suffice to say, it is very RARE to find a company with massive potential BEFORE it explodes.

My friend, if you’re tired of feeling like the competition is always beating your close friends and family are your only customers, I have amazing news for you. You can learn about a blue ocean opportunity–very little competition while the market is fresh and massive earning potential before it explodes.

This year 2020, a 10-year-old successful company launched into social selling. They are ready to share a huge slice of the pie with you. They are still relatively unheard of, but with a raving happy customer base it is poised to become a billion dollar company in a few years. That means there is plenty of room for you to build while competition is extremely low.

Hey, I know we’re strangers and we just met, but I can assure you– if you’re someone who already knows the power of social selling but you are having trouble getting ahead then I have something you will want to take a look at. If you’re ready to find a true BLUE OCEAN company fill out the form below and someone from our team will reach out to you.


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