About Me


Once upon a time, about a quarter of a century ago, a beautiful woman named Janet gave birth to a tiny female human. Her father, Ricardo, had picked out a lovely French name to continue the trend of giving his daughters French first and middle names. He was set on Jacqueline Michelle. But while he was out of the room, the girl’s mother changed the spelling of Jacqueline to Jaclyn for she feared it would not fit on her driver’s license. This would be the first of many adorable idiosyncrasies the child would experience in her lifetime in the care of a partially-crazy-but-loveable-family. . .


My name is Jackie and I’ve created this blog to share everything I love about life… Art, Music, Photography, Writing… anything that tickles my creative fancy. I’m also very passionate about my faith and love to share about that too.

Currently I own and operate a food-delivery business in Southern California with my handsome husband, Jason. I am a stepmother to an excitingly intelligent and creative young boy, and dog-mom to a silly little Boston Terrier Chihuahua mix, Violet, whom I sometimes call Joopi, for no apparent reason. (I think it evolved from “JuJu Bean”).

My husband and I are Bible-believing Christians, living happily by the beach, enjoying our simple but blessed lives. Occasionally, I do things like photograph weddings, dance robustly around my living room to loud music while my husband cooks, and speak in foreign accents to my stepson to make him laugh.

Hoping you enjoy this blog and find something meaningful here.

Thanks for reading, and God Bless!

C o v e r e d  I n  S c a r l e t

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