This Ingredient is Sabotaging Your Skin Care


Why is it that we apply lotion only to have to reapply it over and over throughout the day? The answer may surprise you…

This year I learned something shocking about the products I was using. As someone who has always loved all-things-beauty, I consider myself very knowledgeable of both the scientific world and the natural world when it comes to skin care. But I was not expecting to find out that one seemingly harmless ingredient in virtually all products that line the shelves of every conventional store was part of a widespread problem keeping men and women from achieving their ideal skin.

So, what is the widespread flaw that is setting us all back from achieving the youthful, glowing skin we all crave? It is one single ingredient that does not belong in skin care…

Can you guess what it is?


You may be thinking, “Is this woman crazy? Water isn’t harmful.” You’re right. Water isn’t harmful except for when it is one of the primary ingredients in your products. Let me explain.

There are TWO reasons why water should not be in your products.

  1. Like attracts like. Water attracts water. The water in your lotion is pulling the moisture out of your skin and evaporating into the air.
  2. If a product contains water it needs chemicals and preservatives (many of which are harmful) to keep that water “stable” or to mix it with other ingredients.

So let’s talk about point #1– like attracts like.

You may remember from science class that like attracts like. You know that oil and water do not mix, they repel each other. Conversely, oil attracts oil and water attracts water. Every time you apply water-based lotion the water contained in your skin is being pulled out and evaporates into the air.

No on to point #2. A fellow blog page on PrimalLifeOrganics summed it up perfectly as follows:

“Further, if water is the first ingredient on the label, it is likely that 75–95 percent of what’s in the tube is simply water. If that product contains any oils (and most natural products do), an emulsifier is necessary to make the water and oil mix and not separate. Most common emulsifiers in skincare include cetyl alcohol and sorbitan oleate, stearyl alcohol, stearic acid and triethanolamine. 

Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) is a common emulsifier used in products that foam (shampoo, detergents, bubble bath, etc.) as well as in toothpaste.  SLS promotes the formation of a group of carcinogenic compounds called nitrosamines. SLS also damages the epidermis and causes skin irritation. Children who soak in a tub of bubble bath, for instance, are especially vulnerable to urinary infections caused by SLS.

If an emulsifier is present, preservatives are always included to keep the product from spoiling, and parabens are the most common preservative. Parabens promote the production of estrogen and are increasingly linked to early puberty in girls. Naturally occurring parabens are found in some foods that are metabolized in the body (by the liver), lessening their estrogen-production effects.

One of the most common preservatives is the group of synthetic parabens. Unfortunately, synthetic parabens cannot be metabolized like naturally occurring ones. They increase estrogen production, disrupt hormone functions, and cause DNA damage.

Parabens are directly linked to breast cancer and cause negative reproductive effects in both females and males. Because of the vast array of cosmetics women use, it is estimated that women absorb about 50mg of synthetic parabens every day. And here’s a dose of irony: parabens in skincare products promote skin aging.”

Here is a short list of commonly used products which primarily consist of water: shampoo, conditioner, tanning lotions, moisturizers, hair spray, liquid eyeliner, mouthwash, mascara, toothpaste, and shaving products.

So, in conclusion, if water, emulsifiers, and preservatives are part of the product, you are putting harmful ingredients on your skin and perpetuating the cycle of dry skin by using products that pull the water back our of your skin! And don’t forget, if you were to take away the water, emulsifiers, and fillers, in most commercial products, the active ingredients would be between 2 and 25%! That means you are paying more for fillers than the actual product.


If all of this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. It can be shocking to learn that you may have wasted so much time, energy, and money on products that not only didn’t work for you, but were not safe to use on your skin, and full of filler ingredients.

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Happy Beautifying,

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